Oink Oink Gourmet Burger
Oink Oink Gourmet Burger
Oink Oink Gourmet Burger

Starting a company during lockdown in a worldwide pandemic is outright lunatic and is a crazy leap of faith for us. Challenges aside, rough times like this inspires and motivates us to reshape the way we work.

Traditional businesses? We threw them out of the window and started innovating new ideas.

During the Movement Control Order (MCO), many Malaysians stayed at home to wait out Covid-19 and if there is one skill we learned the most last year, it’s cooking.

So, we thought of something easy and tasty to cook; and the first thing which came to mind was grandma’s “Chu Yok Peng” (Egg Pork Patties). We immediately started working relentlessly to blend cooking and creativity together. We experimented with countless marinates, ingredients, and packaging strategies. We wanted to modernize a delicious childhood favourite for Malaysians.

And the result?

“Oink Oink Pork Burger Patties.”

Today, our humble creation has captured the attention of our fellow Malaysians and found its way to major supermarkets such as BIG Village Grocer, Aeon, and local convenient butchers. To cater to even more customers, we also list our products in cafes, restaurants, and online stores.        

This is just the beginning and with the support of our loyal customers, we will continue to grow.

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