BBQ Sausage (6pcs)
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BBQ sausages are one of the best treats on a casual mealtime. Everyone loves them be it on a barbecue pit or on a morning's breakfst table. Made from finely minced fresh pork, these sausages are spiced and encased in a natural collagen casing, smoked and perfectly cooked. The meaty, smoked browned sausage is full of flavours and requires very little preparation. It is so tender and delicious with every bite. Grill it patiently over low heat to bring out its original smoky flavour and you'll be amazed of what a cocktail sausage brings you on your plate.   

烧烤香肠也是我家的爆单产品,每天都是坚持⽤新鲜的猪⾁加上采⽤德国进⼝的设备打造出国际 标准的食品。采⽤了天然动物肠衣除了让⼝感比较 弹,还能锁住⾁汁。香肠在你的⼝⾥爆开那 瞬间,⾁汁渗透你⼝腔⾥散发出淡淡的 味道,那满⾜感让你停不了⼝吃了⼀条接⼀条。 建议:最好⽤沸⽔解冻和煮到半熟,然后⽤中低火煎或烤,直到肠衣表⾯开始烧焦就能上桌。

... INGREDIENTS: 100% Fresh Pork Meat, Salt, Spices, Protein Soy and Natural Flavours (< 5%) & water.

Weight PRODUCT WEIGHT: 0 gm±

... QUANTITY: 6pcs / 6 条

Packaging PACKAGING: Vacuum Pack

... SHELF LIFE: Keep in freezer for 3-4 months.