Honey Glazed Ham密汁烤火腿(±350gm)
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Honey Glazed Ham is made from fresh pork hind legs with honey and other ingredients infused while on its curing process. The meat will be more textured because it is made out of whole leg. It is best eaten grilled or roasted on its own or simply adding in some apples, cinnamon and blueberries in addition to the aromaof burnt honey while roasting. 

密汁烤火腿是采⽤新鲜猪后腿来制作,材料除了蜜蜂蜜之外,还有苹果,蓝莓,苹果汁,⾁桂和 其它调味料。把火腿和苹果⾁桂放进烤炉,烤 45 分钟。 然后把其它材料混合苹果汁和蜂蜜,⽤ 刷⼦刷在火腿上,再放入烤箱 分钟。最后把剩余的材料和蓝莓加上再⼀起烤多 分钟。它的 ⾁质会比较有质感,因为是全⾁做的。味道除了有焦浓的蜜糖香味以外还有淡淡的果香味

... INGREDIENTS: 100% Fresh Pork Meat, Honey, Salt, Natural Sugar, Spices, Natural Flavours (< 5%), Water.

Weight PRODUCT WEIGHT: 350 gm±

Packaging PACKAGING: Vacuum Pack

... SHELF LIFE: Keep in freezer for 3-4 months.

NOTE: If opened, keep in the refrigerator and finish within 8-10 days time