Classic Luncheon Meat 经典午餐肉
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Luncheon meat is a classic food loved by all. Our luncheon meat has its own distinctive taste and the texture is rather juicier as it is made of 100% real fresh pork meat. It can be made as a snack, eaten with frying or steaming, or as an ingredient for fried rice. No matter which way it is eaten, it has its flavours that stays in the heart.


我们午餐肉的风味相比其它市面上得牌子有一点不同,我们选用新鲜的猪肉加入淀粉,盐和香料混合製成。做出来的口感特别好,香料味也比浓。防腐剂的成分相对也比较低,放在冰箱冷冻一般保存期大概在 3 到 4 个月左右。我们把午餐肉的面积做成正方形,厚度在 3.5 cm 左右是有原因的。根据我国的白面包尺寸,我们的午餐肉是完美的夹在一片面包里,这种吃法仿佛让你回到童年的时刻。

... INGREDIENTS: 100% Fresh Local Pork

Weight PRODUCT WEIGHT: 450 gm±

Packaging PACKAGING: Vacuum Pack

... SHELF LIFE: Keep in freezer for 3-4 months.

NOTE: If opened, keep in the refrigerator and finish within 8-10 days time