Smoked Back Bacon 烟熏猪背培根 (500gm)
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Our Smoked Back Bacon is made of fresh top-quality pork ribs or spine. The bacon is mainly lean plus a thin layer of pork fat. Smoked recipes are made using traditional methods, using imported applewood. The applewood smoke is mild, with a slight sweetness and fruity flavour. Our smoky time is longer and the maturity is 80% to 90% hence, the smoky flavour will be more intense.

我们的烟熏培根是采用新鲜上等猪肋条肉或背脊肉,培根肉以瘦肉为主加上一层薄薄的猪肥。烟熏配方都是使用传统方法,使用进口的苹果木。苹果木烟熏味道温和,带有略微的甜味和水果味。我们的烟熏时间较长熟透度到80%到90%的程度, 烟熏的味道会更浓郁,煎培根时连隔壁家都能闻到。当你品尝时,培根油的口感加上那浓郁烟熏味在你口里爆开的那瞬间,那满足感是难以用语言去表达。

... INGREDIENTS: 100% Fresh Local Pork Meat, Water, Salt, Natural Sugar, Spices and Natural Flavours (< 5%)

Weight PRODUCT WEIGHT: 500 gm±

Packaging PACKAGING: Vacuum Pack

... SHELF LIFE: Keep in freezer for 3-4 months.

NOTE: If opened, keep in the refrigerator and finish within 8-10 days time