Tokyo Style Dry Ramen
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Abura Soba was first originated from Tokyo in the 1950s, which is famous for it's dry tare-based aroma. The uniqueness in the taste makes this dish stands out as compared to it's counterpart, Mazesoba. Do try this out if you haven't! The golden rule is to mix everything up before digging in, as there’s a sauce hidden in the bottom of the bowl.

Abura Soba 荞麦面是源自1950年代的东京,以干酱料底的香味闻名。那独一无二的口味让这拉面脱颖而出,更胜过相似的Mazesoba。要享受这碗拉面的精髓,你必须捞一捞,因为底部有隐藏着的酱料。

We are lucky to have our very own experienced RAMEN CHEF FROM TOKYO to make our best-selling dish available as a home kit!


... INGREDIENTS: Ramen Noodle, Tare Sauce, Seaweed, Fried Garlic, Cashu, Menma


Packaging PACKAGING: Vacuum Pack

... SHELF LIFE: Keep in freezer for 1-3months.